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SmartBuildings™ is a breakthrough technology from UrjaGreen Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Based out of Bangalore, we are developing innovative technologies for energy conservation, management, and monitoring in buildings. Our focus is energy efficiency, data center reliability, comfort and analytics.

Customers have responded enthusiastically to our breakthrough technology. UrjaGreen is working with several major customers.

Co-Founder & CEO
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Dr. Gupta is a technology industry veteran. His passion in energy dates back to 1980s when he worked on energy conservation programs for California Energy Commission, Sacramento. He subsequently worked in AT&T Bell Laboratories in New Jersey and Sun Microsystems in Palo Alto. His more recent roles were VP and Site Leader of Sun India Engineering Center, Bangalore and COO of Aditi Technologies. Most recently, he was EVP and Head of Business Operations for Patni Computers.

Dr. Gupta has a B.Tech from IIT Delhi, an MS from University of Delaware, and a Ph.D. from University of California, Berkeley. Outside of work, his passions are gym and vocal classical music.
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Satya is a hardcore technophile, with interests spanning the spectrum from applied physics to robotics and embedded systems. His passion for embedded systems began in college where he was involved in the robotics hobby club. After college, Satya joined Intel and led a software engineering team.

Satya has a B.Tech from IIT Madras and is an avid coder and open source enthusiast.
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Abinash excels at getting things done. An Engineer by training, Abinash is inclined towards Business and Management. In his earlier avatar, Abinash was managing a multi million dollar drug development program at Biocon. He has also worked in Strategy and Business Development roles.

Abinash has a B. Tech from IIT Madras and an MBA from IIM Bangalore. Outside of work, Abinash is passionate about War History.
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