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2011 Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments – Expanded Data Center Classes and Usage Guidance
ASHRAE TC 9.9 created the first edition of the ‘Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments’ in 2004. Prior to that the environmental parameters necessary to operate data centers were anecdotal or specific to each IT manufacturer. In the second edition of the Thermal Guidelines in 2008 ASHRAE TC 9.9 expanded the environmental range for data centers so that an increasing number of locations throughout the world were able to operate with more hours of economizer usage.

At the time of the first Thermal Guidelines the most important goal was to create a common set of environmental guidelines that IT equipment would be designed to meet. Although computing efficiency was important, performance and availability took precedence when creating the guidelines and temperature and humidity limits were set accordingly. Progressing through the first decade of the 21st century, increased emphasis has been placed on computing efficiency. Power usage effectiveness (PUE) has become...
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2011 Gaseous and Particulate Contamination Guidelines For Data Centers
Most data centers are well designed and are in areas with relatively clean environments, and most contamination is benign. Therefore, most data centers do not experience particulate or gaseous contamination-related information technology (IT) equipment failures. A small number of data centers, however, do. According to the major IT equipment manufacturers, the number of data centers with contaminationrelated failures is on the rise, though their numbers remain quite small. In 2009, the IT manufacturer members of ASHRAE TC 9.9 authored a white paper (ASHRAE 2009a), titled “Particulate and Gaseous Contamination Guidelines for Data Centers,” primarily targeted toward a minority of data centers that may have harmful environments resulting from the ingress of outdoor particulate and/or gaseous contamination. The document stated that for a small number of data centers, located mostly in the emerging markets, contamination can be a serious risk, and it provided insight into how to manage the contamination risk...  
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