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SmartBuildings™ solution consists of three core areas:
SmartBuildings™ alert based monitoring solution keeps an eye on various parameters related to the current condition of the building: temperature, humidity, light level and occupancy. It provides an accurate 24x7 monitoring of the entire building, including sensitive environments such as data centres. The solution not only helps the customer improve reliability and compliance to ASHRAE TC 9.9 standards for datacom environments, it also reduces energy costs by eliminating over-cooling. SmartBuildings™ also provides smart energy meters, which when combined with our analytics suite makes for a powerful live energy monitoring system. It helps the customer derive deep insights into an organization’s energy usage patterns and also to find energy savings opportunities.
SmartBuildings™ control solution combines well with Monitoring and provides a best in class solution for HVAC and Lighting control using decision logic. The solution is fully wireless, which makes it extremely easy to retrofit. SmartBuildings™control solution stands out from the existing market solutions for HVAC/Lighting controls with its ability to provide micro control for greater energy savings and comfort. Combined with the monitoring solution, the control systems dynamically adapt the temperature and lighting levels in the buidling to changes in various parameters without affecting comfort.
SmartBuildings™ Analytics suite extracts data from monitoring and control solutions and provides analysis to quickly make sense of a variety of parameters like energy usage, diesel usage, temperature variations, lighting variations, and building occupancy levels.

The solution comes with a powerful dashboard for monitoring, control and analytics.

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